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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 7... Holy Cow

Hi fam!

I've had a great week this week with the addition of Elder Brown to the Branch! He was made district leader of his district two days ago and I think he's super excited! His companion is hilarious. He's from Mississippi and uses just about as much sarcasm as I do. It was so great to host him. His mom jumped out of the car when they got here and gave me a hug, super awkward... Haha no it was great. I was so glad to see the Brown's and I hope they're doing well! Jake's a stud and he's doing fine. 

This week has been a lot better Japanese-wise. I've learned a lot and we're able to now translate complex sentences into Japanese, granted it takes a good twenty minutes with about three of us working together. Japanese is pretty much the coolest language ever. I'm so glad I have this amazing opportunity to learn such a beautiful language. 

As far as everything else has gone it's been a pretty typical week. Nothing super crazy has happened but I'm still plugging along, I feel like I practically live here! (laughs) I had a great experience at the temple last week and look forward to going again in a half hour. I'm sad that I won't get to go to the temple for my whole mission but i'm super excited that I get to have the opportunity to help other's be able to go to the temple. Cool right? 

I can't wait to get pictures of Alex's homecoming date tonight. I'm sure she's out at her day activity right now having a blast. Can I just say how much better a mission is than High School?? Haha I love it so much. Can you guys believe I leave to Nihon in sixteen days?? I'm so excited! But so horribly scared. I can't speak this language worth anything, guess I'm going to have to try my faith a little bit right? Hopefully I'll have my street/airplane ride contacting down by the end of this week so I don't sound like a total moron when I stumble out some stupid sentence to the Nihonjin man sitting next to me on the flight. I can say moron without it being slang because it's in the Bible ;).

I found Japanese pass along cards in the book store today and I'm super pumped to buy the entire stack! Church is true. Can't hardly wait to share it. 

OH MY GOSH I ALMOST FORGOT. There was a mouse in our room the other day. Don't tell mom :/. The little guy shot out one afternoon and we haven't seen him since. His name is Gerald. He keeps our feet warm at night so it's not even that bad. In all seriousness though it's pretty nasty.. I tried to catch him yesterday with some peanut butter and a makeshift box trap but it didn't work. So this week Elder Barney and Elder Moos got a new companion. A missionary had to stay an extra transfer for whatever reason and he'll be leaving to Nihon with us. He's a stud and he seems to be helping Barney Choro out quite a bit. Donaldson Choro and I are doing well. We just keep doing what we do and plugging along. Keep the letters and packages coming! I miss hearing from a few of my friends so tell them to write me! Have a great week. I'll keep the neighbors in my prayers. Hopefully they get everything sorted out!

All the best,

Giles Choro

These are a couple of the missionaries that left this last week. The one
taken inside is Elder Hawkes from Bountiful. He went to Btown but he's a
great guy ;). We became pretty good friends and I was sad to see him leave
but he'll be a stud. The next is Elder Free from Mesa. He was such an
amazing Elder and He'll be such a stud in the field. Sorry the picture is
dark, I tried to fix it but nothing worked, dad should be able to fix them
though! The middle is Elder Jake Brown and myself prior to entering the MTC.  
Love you!
Elder Giles 
Elder Brown is HERE!

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  1. Great to have friends serving the Lord at the same time. Keep up the good work with the language.