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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 5 or 4... or 6 I honestly have no idea anymore...


This week has been crazy! We had a great Temple Walk on Fast Sunday last week and it helped to answer a lot of questions of mine.On monday night we had some troubled sisters ask for blessings of comfort and counsel and it was a great experience. The next night we had a little bit of an issue with one of the companionships on a difference of opinions so I had to talk to the Elder's and get it straightened out. The next day that Elder got really sick and I had to stay back from the Devotional with him and gave him a blessing. That's three blessings this week! We had another Elder get sick yesterday but didn't need a blessing. I finally feel like a real District Leader! Its weird to think that I only have another week of being DL. I told Dad earlier my funny story about Brother Hollister. He's seriously a beast.On Thursday morningafter we cleaned the main building Donaldson Choro and I got to go hang the flags around the MTC! We got to hang the Japanese flag first, it was seriously SO cool. I guess I just like weird stuff like that. I got to hang the Canadian flag and it made me think of Dad. It was awesome. Spencer took off this week to San Antonio. We couldn't really have a REAL goodbye because I was super busy in the evenings. I seriously haven't had time to write at all this week. It's been good though. I've sowed on buttons for two of the Elder's in the district. You could say I'm pretty handy.. No big deal. So I dropped off my suit at the dry cleaners like a week and a half ago because it rained on it and when i went to pick it up they didn't have it and they said they probably lost it! It made me sick. It was just another thing I had to deal with. Word gets around fast though and I had a ton of people praying that I'd get my suit back. Two days later I went back to the dry cleaners and they had found it and gave it to me! Small miracles! That's pretty much the only cool thing that's happened. I got to say goodbye to Riley this morning. He should be at the airport right now. It was a really hard goodbye... I almost cried. I'm doing so well though. The pictures thing isn't really working on this computer but I'll keep trying to send some pics.

I love you guys!

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

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