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Elder Giles
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 6

Hi Fam!

I loved getting the box with all of your letters in it! It was awesome! Thank you so much for the Cashmere Woods Air Freshener, my room is very grateful! This week has been crazy as our first week as Zone Leaders! Sunday night we had an Elder go to the ER because of a panic attack. He turned out to be okay but it was super scary! We, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to an Elder because of personal reasons. It was so sad. We had the opportunity to Skype call a member in Japan on Wednesday and it was the most humbling thing I've done so far! He spoke so fast I could barely understand him, it was like he was speaking Japanese or something... We're still enjoying life here at the MTC but we are ready to go to Japan. The language is really starting to come now and we're using it every day with each other. Donaldson Choro got a haircut this morning and looks soo young it's hilarious. He's a stud. We had a little bit of a tough day yesterday teaching our 'Investigator'. I got so frustrated because I didn't know what he was trying to say and I couldn't put sentences together for the life of me! Luckily our 'investigator' is our teacher so he kept us after and told us what we needed to improve. It helped so much. I was so humbled. That night our other investigator was committed to baptism and we were able to answer all of his questions! It was so great. Never forget to ask the Lord for help. He'll show you what it's like to try something without the spirit. You can't do it. I'm truly grateful for this experience though and I KNOW it will make me a better missionary. I love our investigators, even if they're just our teachers playing a role. I pray for them every night and desire so much to teach with the spirit. I know that I am nothing, and God is everything, and without him we couldn't do a thing. I love that he love's me enough to help me. This language is so hard. There are missionaries here that took Japanese at BYU for a year, and they really aren't that much ahead of me.  The language of the gospel is a level playing field when it comes to Japanese, I guess.  I'm doing all that I can and I'm not giving up. I've never had to struggle like this in my life but I know I will be so blessed. I am learning to work hard and that's what's important. Sixteen hour day's are nothing now and even after we go to bed I have Japanese running through my head. This Church is True. The spirit is real and so is our Heavenly Father. We were the elect in Heaven, chosen to come to Earth to preach the gospel. This is truly amazing. I love it. I love being a missionary! Have a great week Family! I love you!

All the best,

Elder Giles

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