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Sunday, March 1, 2015


Friends and family,

I`ve learned a lot about humility on my mission. A lot. Being in a country where you can`t really communicate with people is the weirdest thing ever. I`ve been here for a year and half, and I`m able to communicate a lot better than I could when I first got here, but man, its still hard. We were going up an escalator in a train station one day last week and I remember thinking, "It`s going to be so weird to go home and be able to understand everything that everyone says." These two years really are incredible.

This week was a little bit on the long side. I don`t have a lot to do on my side of the table right now. My companion just programs away on the iPad while I study Japanese or teach the Recent Convert that hangs around the office. Its a simple life. We`re in a little bit of a limbo right now because we won`t know anything further about iPads until March 17 when President W goes to Tokyo for training. Until then, we`ll be sitting tight!

We went to the Bishops house on Saturday night for dinner and we had a really cool experience. The Bishop is about 34 and has a really awesome young family. We had an awesome dinner and then shared a message about Family History. I didn`t think anything of it, actually I was a little bummed because my Japanese was coming out really bad, but in Sacrament Meeting yesterday Bishop shared the experience and talked about how he felt a really sacred, holy feeling while I was sharing my testimony about Family History. It was really cool and then after the church, his wife came up to me really excited and told me that their nine year old son shared about the experience in Primary and all the kids thought that it was really cool! 

Last night we had another dinner at a different members house and had a really different experience. The family we visited was really struggling. The husband is the only member, he`s the nicest guy ever, but he has two really unruly twelve year old twin boys that must give him a run for his money. I felt really bad for him because the kids were really disrespectful. It`s a little strange because him and his wife look old enough to be Grandparents, but their kids are only 12. I really felt for this family. They need the gospel more than anyone right now. We`re making plans to visit them again and do something nice for them. 

The Church is true and I feel blessed to have another week in the service of my fellow man. Sometimes I get frustrated with how things go here, but everything always turns out okay. Its like my sister in Kauai said, "If you don`t like the weather in Kauai, just wait a little while and it will change." Thats a very true principle not only for Kauai, but for the rest of us as well. God really does have his hand in all of our lives. How, I don`t quite understand yet, but I know that he does. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Giles

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