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Sunday, March 22, 2015

OFFICIALLY Digital Desciples of Christ

Mom (and everyone else ;)),

This week was awesome! We were insanely busy all week and the hard
work is starting to pay off. We had a visit last Friday from Elder
Russell M. Nelson and President Michael T. Ringwood to our mission to
kick off the use of digital devices in the Kobe Mission! The day after
the conference, President W trained us and gave us our Ipads so
we`re now locked and loaded! These really are going to change so many
things. This is a tool that will make us much more efficient and
effective and we`re so glad to finally be under way. The full release
starts tomorrow with the Mission Leadership Council (which will be
trained by Elder Sand I) and then the rest of the mission
follows shortly after that! We have to get all of the devices out to
everyone before we can get started on the next phase, which will be 
OFFICIALLY Digital Desciples of Christ
using the Area Book Planner Application and once thats over the third
phase will be using Social Media. Its been a while, Facebook, I`m not
sure how I feel about you yet... haha! Its going to be fun, thats for
Now I`ll get into the good stuff. The opportunity to learn from one
of the Quorum of the Twelve members was amazing. I absolutely love
Elder Nelson. I don`t even know where to start from all the great
things I learned. I think we were all really surprised, because he
really didn`t talk about the use of these mobile devices or obedience
or anything like that. He really stressed how important it is for us
to learn correct principles to govern the rest of our lives out here,
and then marry someone that loves the Lord more than they love us. I
think the exact quote was something like, "it might seem to be a risky
bet, to marry someone that loves the Lord more than they love you, but
I promise, it`s a very SAFE bet!" He was awesome. I was sitting on the
second row so I had a the best seat in house to observe and Apostle. I
learned something from him while he wasn`t even speaking! While
President Ringwood was speaking to us, I happened to look over at
Elder Nelson while he was sitting on the stand and I couldn`t believe
how close he was paying attention to what President Ringwood (who also
happens to be his Son-In-Law) was saying. He had his scriptures out
and was following along to every reference he took us to, marking
verses, searching other references, and the whole time he was sitting
on the edge of his seat almost craning his neck to get as much out of
what President Ringwood was saying as he could. Watching an Apostle of
the Lord striving so hard to receive revelation from someone who was
his junior and much younger than him, not to mention his Son-In-Law,
was an awesome example of humility.
 The conference changed my life for sure. We`re entering a new age
and I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of it. The Lord has
given me so much in my life and sometimes I feel that I`ve done hardly
anything to deserve all the blessings he`s given me. I love my Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ more than anything in the world and I love
serving as his disciple. He is my friend, my Brother, and I`ll always
walk with him. The world is headed in a place I fear isn`t righteous
or holy, and I know the Lord needs strong members in his church to be
lights and beacons of hope to the world. I intend to be one of those
for the rest of my days. I know this is His church. I know that the
Prophet Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. I know our Heavenly Father
knows and loves us as his own.
 I love you guys! I hope you all have a great week! I was so busy, I
didn`t have time to take hardly any picture, but I`ll see what I can
do this week! Hopefully I`ll have some time between calls from
missionaries who don`t know how to use an Ipad... Onward Christian

Elder Jeffrey Maxwell Giles


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