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Friday, January 9, 2015

Morning, Elder Ringwood.

Good afternoon friends and family!

  I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Believe me, its a little strange that I`m emailing on Saturday now instead of Monday, but I think I`ll get used to it. This last week was awesome. I absolutely love working in my new calling in the mission office. Even though I`m mostly in the office on the computer designing logo`s and building websites, I`m still able to get out and go find almost every day, so that has been awesome. I can`t say enough how much I love Kobe!

  So I had a lot of really cool experiences this week with my temporary companion, Elder C. I had an amazing week with that kid. Even though we were only companions for about 10 days or so, I learned so much from him and he has become a very close friend of mine. He really showed me how to make everything we do throughout the day, fun. I went with him and President W to the hospital the other day for his follow up appointment on his appendacitis and while we were driving down to the hospital, President got a call that came through the bluetooth in the car. He answered it and it was our Area President, Elder Ringwood, of the first quorum of the seventy. No big deal. President Ringwood told us that we were to be getting a visit from Elder Nelson of the Twelve in March the same week President will be in Tokyo for training before we get our ipads! Its was funny because as soon as he said that President, Elder C, and I all gave a silent fist pump to each other in the car. haha! 

  Right now my main job is creating our new mission logo. With my extensive background in graphic design, that should be no problem, right? (sarcasm). Its been a really cool experience. I created a rendering and then was able to sit in on our Missionary Leadership Council with all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders and unveil the first draft of our new logo. For the most part everyone loved it so I`m excited to fine tune it with the imput from the missionaries. Just like our theme, `Walk With Me` I want the logo to come from the missionaries as well. This is a blast!

  As you can see, I`ve had some really really cool experiences here in Kobe. Its a different side of the work, for sure, but this is where Heavenly Father needs me right now. Regardless of where I am or what calling I have, the church is the same. This is still true. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World and our way to the Celestial Kingdom. The effect we can all have on the people around us, member or not, through the gospel is so powerful. Even just walking back from lunch the other day not a kilometer from the mission home we stopped to pet a womans dog and told her who we were. She told us where she lived and said to come by and visit whenever we had time. The Lord leads us to his children, I know thats true! 

  Thank you for all of your love and great examples. Being blessed with an amazing familiy and great friends has brought so much into my life that I don`t think I`ll ever be able to appreciate. Thank you for all that all of you do! I love you!

Elder Jeffrey Maxwell Giles

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