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Monday, April 13, 2015

Priesthood Power

Friend and family (mostly Mom),

How are you all doing? I`m hoping you`re all having an awesome week.
General Conference was a blast! I`m actually really sad that it`s
over... I couldn`t shake the thought that that would be my last
General Conference as a full time missionary. It`s so crazy how fast
the time has gone. Just three conferences ago I was a brand new
missionary, first week in the field, not knowing which way was up or
down, and trying to understand SOMETHING these people were saying! Oh
how time is so fast.
This General Conference was especially powerful to me because for the
first time in my short twenty years on Earth, it was the first time
I`ve prepared a list of questions beforehand and prayed for those
questions and inquiries to be answered. Can I just tell you how
incredible the feeling is when you feel the Lord answer your prayers
through one of his chosen servants. I know this is probably incredibly
cliche, but I felt like each and every single one of the speakers from
the Conference were speaking directly to me. I was so grateful for the
Spirit that I felt.
This last week was SOOOO busy. We had transfers so Elder DS
and I were doing just about everything you can think two missionaries
could possibly do. We were picking things up from missionaries at
transfer points, taking calls, training new missionaries, meticulously
putting iPad screen protectors on, I mean you name it and we were
doing it. It was awesome! We`re absolutely fried, but I wouldn`t have
it any other way. This week is looking to be just as crazy because
we`ll be implementing the Area Book Planner Application for the
missionaries in the office starting tomorrow and basically to sum it
up, we`ll be putting the last two years worth of records on file in
our iPads. Woohoo. Its going to be a crazy week for sure. My fingers
are already sore just thinking about all that typing. I love what I
I wish I could pick my favorite talk from conference, but seriously I
loved them all so much I have no idea which one I liked the best. I
think there was one where he related the gospel to music. That
seriously blew my mind just a little bit! I thought it was so cool.
You can literally relate the Gospel with anything because it really is
the source of all good in the world. We all looked at each other after
the first day and thought, "we should really get married when we get
home, shouldn`t we?" The Brethren were very direct and the messages
were very focused on how important it is to get married and establish
strong families in the Gospel. Elder Holland`s talk really stirred me
as well. I loved the story he told of the two brothers on that
gut-wrenching climb in Southern Utah. It made me think of my own
little brothers and how much I want to be there if they fall. I hope
they are there for me too.
 Today we got to go to Akashi for Preparation Day and see some of my
first area. It was so nice to go back. It was raining pretty bad so we
didn`t get very good pictures, but I miss that area for sure! It`ll
always be a special place in my heart.
 I leave you with my testimony today that the Savior really does live
and His Gospel really does bring peace, comfort, and happiness into
our lives. I am so grateful to be a member of this church. I want to
do my part for the rest of my life in magnifying my callings and
helping others to see how amazing this Gospel can be for them. I know
this is the Church of Jesus Christ on the Earth today. By him the
worlds were created. God is our Father and he loves us. He loves all
of his children and he will answer each and every single one of our
prayers if we`ll only stop and listen for a little bit. I am grateful
for the blessings the Lord has given me in my life, and I am grateful
to have such an amazing group of supporters at home. I love you all
and I hope you all know that! Have a great week!

Elder Giles

Yakiniku with our Recent Convert!

I don`t know if you can tell, but this is a football game. In Japan.
I`ve never seen that until yesterday.... Crazy

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