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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another One from Kobe!

Hello friends and family!

Today is transfer day in the Japan Kobe Mission! It`s not a surprise
at all, but I`ll be staying here in Kobe with Elder DS for
another six weeks! I`m excited to continue getting through the phases
with the iPads and getting the chance to work in Kobe for another
little while. I know some of you are probably wondering whether or not
I had the chance to watch conference this weekend, but I haven`t yet!
Due to the time difference conference is shown the following weekend
here in Japan so I`ll be watching it THIS week haha! I`m super
excited. G.C. is like the Super Bowl for missionaries. Elder DS didn`t really understand how funny that statement was when I
told him last night.... Brazillians...

Last week was great. We were getting calls like crazy toward the
beginning of the week from missionaries that had questions about their
iPads, so that was an adventure. I think my most common suggestion to
them went something like this, "are you currently at the church
connected to wifi?" "Yes." "Okay, why don`t you try shutting the iPad
off and turning it on again, then give me a call if it still doesn`t
work." I actually didn`t get any calls back. I guess I`m the best IT
expert ever! Haha.

I had a companion exchange with a young missionary last week and we
had a great time. I got to go up to an area north of Kobe called
"Kitarokko" so it was fun to get out and see the world again!
Kitarokko is a beautiful area up in the mountains on the backside of
Kobe with a really strong ward. Lately they`ve had a ton of success up
there just because their ward is so awesome. It was great to go up
there and see and feel how great it is to truly work with a ward. We
taught a lesson to a lady in the morning that is really close to
baptism. We had a couple from the ward come with us so the lesson went
really well. We were able to give her a baptismal date for the tenth
of May so hopefully she`ll be able to get baptized soon! After that we
studied then went to visit a recently returned less active Sister
that`s working to go to the temple in a few weeks. We had a member
take us over to her place and we basically just gave her a short
review on the Restoration and Joseph Smith. It felt really good to
explain to her that it only took Joseph two months to translate the
Book of Mormon from start to finish and share our testimonies with her
that he is indeed a Prophet of God. It was a great companion exchange
and I learned a lot for sure!

The ward here in Kobe put on a awesome Easter Party on Saturday and we
had a great turn out of investigators and members! We had a guy that
comes to our English Class regularly bring his three daughters and
they had such a great time, he committed to come to church yesterday
for the first time! They had an Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids and
it reminded me so much of the ones we have up at Grandma B`s every
year. I love Easter and had a great time remembering the amazing gift
of the Atonement of Jesus Christ!

Well the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom here and its as beautiful
as ever! I`ll send some pictures of the "Sakura Tunnel" we ran to one
morning. I`ll close with my testimony that Jesus Christ lives. I know
it is by and through him that we will all rise again. I know that he
has the power to make each of us strong and I know that this is His
church! Prayer is so powerful and I testify that we truly do
communicate with our Father in Heaven. He loves us all so much and I
feel so incredibly blessed to be serving him at this point of my life.
This is by far the most challenging thing that I`ve ever done, but I
wouldn`t trade it for anything else. A mission is priceless. I love
you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Jeff Giles

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