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Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Deep water is what I am want to swim"

Friends and Family,

Its the beginning of another new week. Its a sunny day in the upper 50`s here in Kobe and I couldn`t be in a better place. I`m absolutely loving being in Kobe and working on getting the stuff for the Ipads up and running. The best part of last week was: I finished our new logo! Believe me, its a big weight off my shoulders to have that over and done with. Working with 233 missionaries on creating a logo that captures everything about our mission was definitely NOT the easiest thing I`ve ever done, but it was a blast the whole way. 

As for the other side of the work, Elder DS and I really haven`t had any time to go out and proselyte. We realized yesterday in church as well that we hardly know any of the members here in the Kobe Ward. Its tough here in Kobe for the missionary work because out of the 8 missionaries that are here there are: 2 Assistants, 2 Full Time Office Elders, 2 Tech Specialists, and 2 Sister Training Leaders. As for full time proselyting missionaries, there are none, BUT the Lord has his hand over Kobe and we`ll be using what time we have this week to visit members and find everyone that wants to be baptized up in this city.

We met a guy from Spain last night that really left an impression on my companion and I. He was very very opposed to Christianity and did so in a pretty mocking way. He saw my name tag, pointed to it, and said, "Oh, thats bad, thats very bad." He had no belief in God and persisted in asking us where God was and how many people we had "caught" that day. It was bad. The worst part about it was looking in his eyes. There was nothing there. It was so empty and hallow and hard to look at. It`s incredible to see how bright the light of the Gospel really is when you look into someones eyes that has nothing. I feel so sorry for him. We were walking around some of the busiest places in Kobe last night and I couldn`t help but just stop and look at all those people. So many of them have no idea who Jesus Christ is or what he has done for them. Its so sad. In a world of so much darkness, the light can appear so dim in places, but that light brings more peace and happiness than anything else in the world. I love this Gospel and the happiness and reassurance it has brought to my life. Without a knowledge of my Savior and Redeemer, I am nothing. Everything that I have is because of my loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. 

I love you all. I mean that when I say it. I`ll never be able to fully express my love and gratitude to all of you for the support and strength you`ve given me. Mission`s are hard, but loving friends and family make it all the better. I love you all! Have an awesome week wherever you are!

Elder Jeffrey Maxwell Giles

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