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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day!

Friends and Family,

  I want to say first, Happy Fathers Day to all of the great Dad`s out there! I`m especially grateful for my own Father and the awesome example and influence on my life! I wouldn`t be the man I am today, or the missionary for that matter, were it not for my Dad. Also, congrats on the new calling, Dad! You`re going to be a great counselor in the Bishopric! 
  At church yesterday all of the Primary kids came to Elders Quorum to give presents to all the Dads. One of the little girls came up and gave me one and I said, ``It`s ok, I`m not a Dad yet!`` She didn`t seem to care so I guess they were for future fathers too!

  This week we tried something a little different than just going out on the street talking to people or knocking on doors. One night we had about 45 minutes until we had to go home so we just decided to pull out a couple chairs in front of the church and sing some hymns. We were hoping that someone, anyone, would stop by but everyone just continued going on like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. I had so much hope. I was hoping that even though no one stopped on the street, someone in one of the houses or apartment buildings close to the church would hear and think, ``That sounds familiar, why do I know this song?`` Even if no one responded right then and there, I know that no effort is wasted. 

  I`m trying so hard right now to just get anything going in this area. It`s so slow and we`ve had to exercise a lot of faith the last week or so by dropping investigators that weren`t showing true signs of interest. I`m not complaining. I know much better than that, but I`m just trying to do all that I can to see the blessings in the trials. 

  I was reading Elder Bednar`s talk from General Conference and it really caught my attention how he talks about the Book of Mormon Prophets not having their trials and afflictions taken from them, but they were given the STRENGTH to overcome them on their own. You would think with how much this mission focuses on the power of the Atonement that I wouldn`t need this smack in the face reminder of how this works but man, did I ever! I just need to start asking for the ability to lift the weight of my own burdens and not look so much to the Lord to take it from me. Simple isn`t it? 

  We`re working hard and just trying to keep on keeping on. The church is true no matter if people accept it or not. I know what I`m doing right now is making a difference. No time here is wasted when focus is on furthering the work of salvation. I want to baptize everyone. That`s all I want right now. 

I love you all! I`m sorry the letter isn`t as long as it usually is! I`ll attach a picture to make up for lack of content... I love you guys!

Elder Giles

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