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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ai suru tomodachi to kazoku

After sitting here for a good two or three minutes trying to think of something witty to say, I`ve got nothing. I guess that`s just how it is sometimes. We said goodbye to President and Sister Z this last week, but I`m really excited to get to meet our new President this week. 

I had a lot of fun last week on an exchange with my District Leader last week. It was nice to have a Japanese companion again, only this time, I could actually talk with him in Japanese! It`s amazing what just a few short months of study and being surrounded by Japanese all the time can do for our language skills. He`s a great guy. He goes home in a few months so I thought he would be a lot like my trainer was, being an old Japanese missionary, but he was actually really chill and super funny. We were out just doing what missionaries do, you know, thrusting with our sicles and what not, the usual stuff, and it started to rain like I have never seen rain before. It came out of nowhere. I mean, its monsoon season and everything but it was seriously sunny one minute, and the next, torrential downpour. Now this would have been all fine and dandy... If either of us had any rain gear on. Needless to say it was as if we had found a swimming pool, jumped in, swam the length of the pool, and got out on the other side. It was awesome! We were riding down to one of the train stations and I turned and asked Elder K what he thought we should do. He was like, `GO HOME` in English! It was a blast. We went back to the apartment, dried off, had some dinner and then went through some trainings for the rest of the night. It was a great exchange!

So last week I shared a little about the Filipino guy that we contacted after praying about where to go. We met with him last night at his apartment and he became a new investigator! He`s so great. He already believes fully in God and had many great experience about Heavenly Father answering his prayers. We taught him `God is Our Loving Heavenly Father` and had a really really powerful lesson. It was amazing. I just hope he recognized the same spirit that I felt. I really feel for the guy. He`s engaged right now to a lady in the Philippines and he won`t go home until 2016. That`s got to be so rough! He told us last night that right before we came over he was skyping with his fiance, so that was pretty cool. I guess she has a lot of really good LDS friends so I hope we can influence her as well. We found a Tagalog Book of Mormon in the apartment and gave it to him. He asked a really interesting question when we gave him the Book. He said that he has a lot of questions about `Books like the Bible` because they are really old so people could have changed a lot of things written to conform to worldly views. I was like, uh, yeah! I told him we would explain more about the Book of Mormon next week so stay tuned on that.

We`ve really turned up our contacting quite a bit lately. We`re contacting a ton of people and are finding tons of really awesome guys. My friend Y is really coming along well, too. He came to the last hour of church yesterday and built some really good relationships with some of the members in the ward. I want him to become a member so bad! He`d be awesome. He`s going to be a great missionary too! Yesterday we brought him with us to visit our Brazilian friend and when we got there it didn`t look like he was home. We knocked on the door and called for him but no one was home. We were about to leave when Y just whips the door open and yells, `M!!!` It was hilarious! He`s going to have no trouble proselyting.

Well we`ve got to go. I`ve got a day full of sleeping planned out because I`m exhausted, but know that we`re still working hard! I love what I do and I know this is the Lord work. When we know that, there isn`t any reason to stress or worry. I love the gospel, and I love this beautiful nation of Japan (2 Nephi 10:21). Have an awesome week!

Elder Giles

Found a little bit of Maui!

God bless America. 

The lights. 

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