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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

Hello everyone! It was so great to talk to the family today. Both times that I`ve called home now, I have had this great feeling of peace and comfort that I`m exactly where I`m supposed to be right now in my life. It was great to hear everyones voices, even if I can`t even recognize Ryan anymore ;).
  So this last week I became a trainer. Its been awesome and we`re having a great time! My new missonary is Elder H from Hemet, California and he`s great! He has such a great desire to do this work and I`m way glad to have the chance to be training him right now! Oh, and he`s 6`6 and makes me look like a small child, but that`s ok! It`s a great tool for finding! 
  I don`t have hardly any time this week. We have a busy day planned, we`re going to a driving range with a member and I`m really excited! It`s the first time I`ll hit a golf ball on my mission so that should be pretty sweet!
  Going into the mission home to pick up my new missionary was awesome. President had some great training for the missionaries that were going to be training. He told us about the summers in his mission where it was 95 degrees outside with 95% humidity and he could never get dry. He served in Fukuoka, by the way. He was telling us about how because you were pretty much soaking wet all the time mold would actually start to grow on your body! How gross is that?? They called it the `creeping crud`. He said when he was an AP in the last part of his mission they had a new missionary come in and they told him about this mold that would grow on you in the heat. He told the new missionary that there was another missionary that got the `crud` so bad that he would need a skin graph and the new missionary was a perfect match for the other Elder. President said the look on that new missionary's face was priceless! I definitely won`t be doing anything like that to my new missionary, that`s for sure! I thought that was hilarious though.
  I can`t believe I hit 9 months last week. This really does just keep going by faster and faster. I love it here and I love what I`m doing! 
  The church is true and that`s pretty much all we need to know in this life. I love you guys!!!

Elder Giles

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