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Sunday, May 18, 2014

50 Golf Balls and 2 Blisters

Friends and Family,

  I had an awesome week last week! After emailing last week we got to go to the driving range with a member and it was awesome! Man, it`s been a long time though. I straight up wiffed with a driver and felt like the biggest moron on this side of the globe... I guess it`s alright though, if I were still half way decent, that would mean I haven`t been out doing my job, right? It was awesome though! After about fifty balls and two blisters on my hands I finally got the feel back! I`ll shoot some cool pictures we got, I never thought I would be able to hit a golf ball on my mission in Japan, so I guess I can check that one off the list! 
  I took my `Son` (trainee) to Sushi for the first time this last week and it was great! He loved it and we had a great time. I`ve been trying to take him to try all the awesome food this country has and we`re not even half way through what I want to let him experience! That was the one thing I was missing during my training was being able to experience the culture a little bit. We just ate in the apartment all the time so all I ate was my instant rice and ramen! 
  We had Zone Conference up in the heart of Osaka last week and I got to see the tallest building in Japan up close. Its called the Harukas and it`s quite the architectural feat. I didn`t have the chance to get any pictures because we were hurrying to the conference so you might have to jump on Google for that one!
  Yesterday two of the kids from our ward had their baptisms and it was awesome to be able to see! I couldn`t help but think of Jack getting baptized a little while ago and how awesome it is to have all the people in my family now members of the church! One of the kids that was baptized was baptized by his dad who was a less active that has just recently been coming back to church so that was awesome!
  We got a new chinese investigator last week and he`s quite the guy! He came to Japan about a year ago so naturally our Japanese is about on the same level (gift of tongues is awesome). When I asked him if he`s ever thought that God is his Father that lives in Heaven he looked at me like I was painted green. He tried to tell me about all this stuff about Daoism and what he believed and I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about at all. He really wants to learn about why we believe what we believe and stuff like that so I`m excited to get to teach him. He know`s a little bit about Christianity so it shouldn`t be too difficult but pray for me to be able to teach simply for sure!
  I love you guys and am SO SO SO thankful for all the support and love from all of you. I couldn`t do this without it for sure. I`m loving life and learning more and more how to just let go and do what the Lord wants me to do. It`s amazing that even though I`m a Trainer right now, I think I`m learning more than my trainee is for sure. He stresses out a bit but overall he`s doing just fine. 
  I love you guys and hope you`re all having an amazing week! 

Elder Giles

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