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Sunday, April 6, 2014

1/3 through my mission!


  I hope you are all having a great start to your week and enjoyed General Conference these past few days. Unfortunately I have to wait another week because they have to translate it into Japanese but I can`t wait! I`ve never been more excited for General Conference in my life! It`s crazy because my first week in the mission field was the week after conference. It`s been a whole 6 months! I can`t believe how fast this is going. It only gets faster as I get older and more experienced as well. 

  This week the work was pretty slow. Not a lot was happening, nor has really anything happened since our Baptism a few weeks ago. We`re working really hard though and we know that sometimes the Lord just gives us trials like these to test our faithfulness and our patience. I was getting a little bit stressed this last week when the thought occurred to me that Jesus Christ is still the Son of God. He still saved us from sin and death. Why would we possibly need to stress about anything? Obviously there`s the good stress that comes from a desire to help these people come unto Christ but other than that, what have we to worry? We`ve already won we just need to try our best to follow the example set by our Savior. What a blessing it has been on my mission to learn that simple lesson. Trials will come and go but it doesn`t change the big picture. We literally hold the greatest happiness in our hands and have unlimited access to it whenever we want. The Atonement is truly a remarkable thing. 

  We were on the street the other day when a young man stopped us and asked if we were the missionaries. This doesn`t happen often so we were a little surprised. We were also surprised because he spoke some pretty good English. He said he stayed with a family down in St. George for three months a little while ago and they happened to be LDS. He said he loved the missionaries because they were always, `really great guys`, so we were really excited to have met him. He came to our Sports Day at the church on Saturday and we had a good time. He said he went to church when he was in Utah but I don`t think he really could understand it so I`m excited to see how well he accepts the gospel. 

  That was pretty much our week last week but we`re working hard. I love Elder Y and we`ve had a great time so far. It`s so nice to have a companion that also happens to be a really good friend. There`s no battling for higher ground we just try and do what the Lord wants us to do and we do it together. It`s been awesome! 

  I love you all and I love getting your letters and pictures. It`s awesome to see everyone every week, I still feel like I`m involved in the daily life, just from 5000 miles away. I love you all. I`m ever so grateful for the love and support that I receive on a weekly basis. I`m sorry but I forgot my camera this week so I`ll send a lot of pictures next week! I love you all!

Elder Jeffrey Maxwell Giles

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