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Sunday, March 23, 2014

What more witness do we need?

My amazing family,

Wow. Our God is a God of miracles. What an amazing week it has been! To start off, we had a Baptism last Saturday. We baptized our 78 year old investigator, Brother K. It was such an awesome opportunity and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to perform his baptism.

To start off last week our odds of seeing a baptism by March 23 were looking pretty bleak. Brother K was our only real shot at still seeing a baptism but just a few days earlier, we were contemplating whether or not we should keep him has an investigator. He really wasn`t progressing that quickly and we questioned his motives for meeting with us. He really likes my companion, Elder Y, so we wondered if that was the only real reason he still met with us and came to church every Sunday. Little by little, however, he was changing. When we first got here, he was happy to come to church on Sunday, but hated making appointments throughout the week. He started to become more willing to meet with us as he got more comfortable with Y Choro and I. He really started to take off when we met him on Tuesday. Instead of going with a set lesson plan we decided we were just going to talk. We covered just about every single lesson and met with him for about three or four hours. We did the same the next day and he finally agreed to be baptized. I couldn`t believe that I had just witnessed the changing of the heart a man, right in front of me! We were a little concerned about whether or not he would be able to keep the commandments, he liked to smoke and drink and we were worried if he could give it up in time for his baptism. We shared the commandments with him and he had no problem at all with keeping the word of wisdom. His health has been deteriorating over the last little while so he realized the temporal blessings that living that law would bring to his life. The only commandment he had a little trouble with was the law of tithing, he told us he didn`t think he could pay tithing because he`s retired and doesn`t ever receive any money to pay tithing on! We told him that was okay but asked him to pay tithing on any money he might receive in the future and he agreed. He passed his interview on Friday night and was baptized the next day. His daughter was a little bit of a problem because she was pretty opposed to the church. We stopped by and visited her and gave her a copy of `The Family: A Proclamation to the World` which we hope will soften her heart and help her to not change her view on her father. It was sad to see someone so opposed from the gospel after watching what it can do to change someones life.

I had full faith all along that if the Lord wanted us to see a Baptism, we would see a Baptism. I tried my hardest not to stress about the goal, and although difficult at times, I think I managed to do that pretty well. My trust in the Lord has been strengthened so much this last transfer. My testimony that this is his work is stronger than ever and I feel so blessed to wear his name on my chest every day.

Today was transfer mail day and I`ll be staying in Sakai but I get a new companion, Elder Y!, I guess I`m just a magnet for Japanese companions. Elder Y is half Japanese and from the U.S. so I won`t have the native aspect anymore. Elder Y, my most recent companion, is going down to Shikoku and I`ll miss him for sure. He`s an awesome missionary and has been a great companion for the last two transfers. We saw a lot of miracles together and it was great to build up a solid teaching pool with him after starting from 0 just two months ago! 

I can`t believe how fast time is flying by. It`s crazy to think that I got here the week after General Conference and it`s almost conference time again! I`m loving life and I can`t wait to listen to the Prophets share revelation directly from Heavenly Father!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Elder Giles

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