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Sunday, August 24, 2014

90% Mental

Hello everyone! 

  My apologies for what I hope won`t be too short of a letter this week. We`re going to Kyoto this week as a District to see some awesome sights and the capital of ancient Japan! I`m way excited so I have to pound this out as quick as possible. Pretty much this is what happened this week: relied on the Lord and almost doubled our teaching pool for the second straight week. This is how.

  I`ve come to the realization that this work is truly 90% mental. What we truly believe we can do is what happens in this work. I think sometimes we outwardly show that we want to see success, but we`re not willing to put in what is necessary to see that success, at least on the inside. I`ve seen that so much on my mission. Its really hard as a missionary that doesn`t speak the language very well to stay motivated and do all that is necessary to see success. I don`t think anyone can explain why sometimes, deep down, we really don`t want to see the success that the Lord knows we can achieve. It`s got to be the adversary pulling us down through the thoughts of our heart. 

  We unfortunately weren`t able to meet with S this week. His schedule got really hectic and he`s stressing with getting his family moved to Hawaii. We did find out though that he will be coming back to Japan in September because of a work commitment so we were able to set a new baptismal date for September 21! I don`t think I`ve ever met anyone so prepared. He was coming to church yesterday and got called into work on the way (Satan is crafty). He called us to let us know and we talked a little bit about what he needs to do in order to get baptized. He said, `from what I understand I have to come to church at least two more times, hear the lessons again, and then I can get baptized?` I was like, `yeah man thats pretty much it!` He`s way ready. His daughter unfortunately won`t be able to be baptized with him because she`s going to China with her Mom for a year or two. That broke my heart. She really doesn`t want to go to China at all and I can tell how much she loves her Dad. All things are done in the wisdom of him that knoweth all things, though. I`ve just got to trust that thats the case with M. 

  I`m sorry its so short today. I promise I`ll make up for it next week with tons of pictures from Kyoto! I love you all! Have a great week. The church is true and Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World! Godspeed the right!

Elder Giles

Our investigator drew this for me yesterday!

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