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Sunday, July 27, 2014

and here. we. GO!

Friends and Family!

I hope you`re all doing well! This week has been a little rough with a summer cold, but I should be getting better soon! Keep the prayers coming! The week was really tough because I had to try and rest as much as I could so I could get better. I hate having to stay in the apartment, but I think I hate being sick and in bed even more so I`ve got to do whatever I can to
get back to 100%!

Like I said, we weren`t able to get out and do a lot this week, but I will say, going to a Japanese health clinic was hilarious! You should have seen my companion hit his entire face on the TV mounted to the wall in the waiting room. The doctor didn`t seem to help much. He gave me some stuff to take for a cold that was the equivalent of sugar cubes. Oh well. My awesome companion was able to fish out some American cold medicine that I`ve been taking for the last few days. God bless America!

Now for a bit of sad news. I will be transferring to a new area, with a new companion, this week. I`m moving up in between Osaka and Kyoto to an area called Takatsuki! I cried two weeks ago at the realization that I would probably be transferring soon. Sakai is my home. The area has been so good to me. I feel like it blessed me so much more than I was able to bless it. Five transfers (7 1/2 Months) is a long time though. Its time to move on. I`m really excited to get to my new area and get to work. Sakai has
been really fun. I`ll be back here again someday, thats for sure.

We got to go to a really cool festival with our investigator on Friday night. It was a midsummer type of festival with fireworks and the whole bit. It was way cool! It reminded me a ton of the fireworks back home up at Eaglewood Golf Course. So fun. The only problem was we had to walk about a mile or so from the train station in a HUGE crowd of teenagers. It was sweet because everyone was wearing the traditional Japanese kimono. It looked way cool.

Last night we got to go over to a part members house for dinner with the
Sister missionaries. The family is awesome. The wife is a member and they have two little girls and a four month old baby boy. I swear they have the
most adorable family in the entire world. The husband has met with the missionaries on and off over the last eight years or so, he just says he doesn`t have enough faith to be baptized. He`ll come around. He comes to church every week and participates in all of the classes so I`m sure he`s close. Never give up on anyone! We just shared a short message on faith and read Alma 32:21, 26-28 with them. It was a great lesson because the husband said that those were his favorite scriptures because `he doesn`t have any
faith.` He wants it though, I can tell.

As far as everything else goes, its all good on this side of the world! Our Brazilian and Filipino investigators are doing great and I`m sure they`ll be baptized soon! I`m just so grateful I`ve been able to serve for the last little while in such a great area. Members like Bishop S and Brother K have been an absolute blessing to have gotten to know.

I know that this church is God`s church on the earth today. This work is real. We are sent to save the souls of men. I`m so grateful to have that honor. I`m also so blessed to have such a great family and awesome friends back home. I love you all! Know that you`re all in my thoughts and prayers. I`ve got to go baptize some people in Takatsuki!

Elder Jeffrey M. Giles

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