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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ok I give! Letter from a pleasantly cold Akashi Area!


I`m sorry I don`t have a lot of time this week! We are SUPER busy today, which is a really good thing. This last week has been really rough as far as teaching and finding go. We barely have any investigators right now and we keep getting a lot of no`s on the street. Sometimes its hard to face so much rejection, and then I think of the Savior. Christ was rejected by the very people he helped create. Can you image being hung on the cross and tortured by your brothers? I`m filled with so much love for the people of Japan. The only way to touch these peoples lives is to love them. Even though we don`t really have anyone to teach right now we are still extremely busy with visiting less actives and recent converts in the ward. Last night we had the opportunity to go the stake presidents house and share a short message with his wife and son. His son, H, is 18 and planning on going on a mission sometime next year. We shared a message about how the world today has many false `idols` that distract us from what is important, especially around Christmas time. We shared the message and it went great but after, H asked us a question about the Book of Ether, specifically Ether 12:27. He wanted us to explain the meaning of weaknesses and how that scripture relates to us personally. I bet you can guess what I just happened to read yesterday morning while planning for their lesson... I had prepared a short 30 second statement and a heartfelt testimony on weaknesses weeks ago and I was able to share it with him! I was glad to have been prepared to teach him something. I hope he will be a great missionary. Well It`s difficult to be away from all of you around this time of year. I miss everyone but I know I`m in the right place. The work is slow but I have faith that it will explode soon. I love seeing young Japanese families spending time with each other either in parks or at the mall. It gives me hope for these people. Japan is changing. I feel so privileged to have such a loving family back home. I`m so glad for the support that you`ve all shown be because you`re also showing support for our Savior. This is his work, not mine. I`m just lucky enough to be a tool in his hands. Even though I can`t speak the language very well I know that this gospel can touch these peoples lives. I love you so much fam! Have a great week and try to remember the true meaning of Christmas! 

All of my love,

Elder Giles

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