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Sunday, November 24, 2013

One Transfer Down. 15 To Go!


This week has been really great! We`ve had a lot of really cool experience`s over the past few days and I`m sure I won`t be able to fit them all in here this week! 

Last Preparation Day we went and had Sushi in Akashi for the first time. Oh man. Wow. That`s really all I have to say. It`s so crazy because you sit at a booth and there`s this like conveyor belt thing that just brings sushi by your table. Its way sweet! You just grab whatever sushi you want and then total up the amount of plates at the end! The Japanese have it figured out. Its way cheap too, compared to the US. One plate of nigiri is like 88 cents. It was soooo good! So that was my first Japanese sushi experience. I ate a ton and it was like 10 bucks. Not bad right?? 

Now for the nitty gritty spiritual stuff... haha. We have this new investigator that we contacted on the street like two and a half weeks ago thats way solid! We talked to him on the street for a good half hour or so and invited him to church. That Sunday he showed up and was way excited about it! He`s big into music and the guitar so he really liked the hymns. In the Kobe mission our first lesson is this lesson called `Setting the Table` where we pretty much set their expectations for everything and introduce them to the knowledge that God is our literal Father in Heaven. Its a really great tool because of the lack of knowledge people have of God here. So we gave him this lesson and in the lesson one of the questions I ask is, `Have you ever thought that God is your Heavenly Father? That he is the Father of you spirit?` So I asked him that and he`s like, `Yeah, I used to think about stuff like that when I was a kid!` It was way cool! So we gave him the rest of the lesson and told him to come back to church the next week. 

He works in a factory so he`s SUPER busy thoughout the week and can only meet us on Sunday`s, funny how that happens. So he came to church yesterday for the second time and really had a good time again! This time he came to Sunday School with us and the teacher (who speaks really good english and Japanese) taught about Temples and Family History Work. I was able to show him my pedigree chart that I have with me always so that was super cool! The teacher was showing him some of the pictures of Temples and the fonts inside of our Temples and all the rooms and stuff and he was blown away at how sweet it looked! I`m telling you, this guy has been prepared. 

So after that we gave him what we call the `Chart Lesson` where we introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ and talk a little about baptism. One of the members was able to join us for the lesson and he told him about his conversion story. It was so powerful! So we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and he was super curious about Baptism (he`s in the crosshairs now). I bore my testimony about baptism and told him how much it would bless his life and then invited him to be baptized and he said yes! I was so pumped! I seriously almost went up through the roof it was so cool. After that we talked to him about prayer and I had the chance to teach him how to pray. After I demonstrated how to pray properly I asked him if he would pray at the end of the lesson and he agreed! He gave such an awesome prayer. The spirit was SO strong and he actually gave a really solid prayer! So thats him. Our `Golden Investigator`. 

My talk went pretty good! I talked about my favorite scripture, John 15:16. It took me probably two hours to translate it into Japanese but I was so proud of it! When I was close to the end of it I realized, oh man, I`ve MAYBE been up here for 80 seconds... So it was way funny. My first talk in sacrement as a missionary was two minutes long. Not bad right? The lady that spoke after me took about five minutes so it was funny to see the bishopric scramble for a hymn and a rescue speaker. It all worked out though! So that was my sabbath yesterday. 

We talked to a lady last night that was pushing 145 years old. She was so sweet though! She invited us back so we`re excited about that! Have a great week fam!

Giles 長老
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sushi in Akashi

This is a service project of us making `nori` or flavored seaweed!

Sitting on the dock, taking a break from the service project. 

That's a bee...

Can collection. 

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  1. Love to hear his success and his first sacrament talk :) He is doing so great! Makes me hungry for sushi :)